Saturday, December 14, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday #13

Happy weekend, everybody!

With Christmas approaching, I am working harder than ever on The Haunted Lingerie. My original goal was to finish it by the end of October, but that didn't work out. My new goal is to finish it before January 1st, get it edited, and then have it released before Valentine's Day.

Incidentally, I put seven chapters of the story up on, and holy crap! In less than a week, I have almost 700 readers. I'm in awe, and it gives me hope for the impending release. It was exactly what I needed to reassure me that I don't suck as an author and that I might still be able to achieve my dreams.

So of course, this week's snippet comes from there again!

In this scene, Misty is internally interrogating Anita, the spirit haunting her cursed lingerie. Anita can't remember how she died or who killed her, and it's up to Misty to try to jog her memory enough to figure it out for herself, and hopefully break the spell in the process. Anita is replying in bold italics.

... I remember the swings at Linden Park. I remember pumping my legs until my muscles were sore, trying to reach out and touch the sun. I remember my parents taking me to Coney Island every fall to ride the carousel and visit the boardwalk – it was the only time I ever got to see the beach. They had a rollercoaster there. I remember the first time I rode it, I thought, “this is the highest I’ll ever be.” There was an aquarium, too. A pause. But I never got to see it. ...
If you're craving more, you can read seven free chapters of The Haunted Lingerie at by clicking here. I will update with additional chapters until a certain point is reached in the narrative, at which time I will leave the rest up to the release. I don't want to spoil the surprise!

I hope you've enjoyed my eight sentences this week. If you've enjoyed this snippet, you can take a look at my other works on
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If you're looking for some more great reads, try Veronica Hardy and John Dylena on for size!

Hope you're having a great weekend, and that it only gets better from here! 


  1. oh, so bittersweet, Nora. Anita comes across so real, especially in this excerpt. Sad but wonderful 8.

  2. This has been an amazing story, all the twists and turns...the ghost's memories are quite poignant...excellent excerpt!

  3. My heart breaks with this recollection from the beyond.
    wonderful eight.

  4. Awesome and how touching, reliving the ghost's memories. Good luck with the release!

  5. That's so sweet and yet so sad.

    I must say the premise of your story has reconfirmed my belief that one should not be used lingerie.

    1. That's *buy. One should not *buy* used lingerie. Though my tired brain thinks the other one works too.

  6. This is so poignant, makes the reader feel so bad for whatever this girl has missed out on. Great 8.