Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday #14

Happy post-holidays, everybody!

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for me. Thanks to the generosity of a fellow author and reader, I was able to provide my daughter with a great Christmas, complete with her most coveted gift: an artist's easel. The days leading up to and following that very special Christmas morning are sort of a blur, hence why I missed last weekend. :(

But I'm back! And since I'm back, so is The Haunted Lingerie!

This is a snippet that falls into place just a little while after Misty becomes privy to the fact that Anita's memories are beginning to mingle with her own. She's walking through Anita's old house with Jack, the Deputy Sheriff she's harbored feelings for with since they were teenagers, looking for clues as to why she disappeared - and how she died shortly thereafter. The home was rented out a few times after she went missing, but no one ever stayed for long, and it's been abandoned for several years. Creative punctuation is in use!

... She stole one last glance at Jack over her shoulder, meeting his gaze beyond the shadows that turned his skin into a patchwork of darkness and light beneath his furrowed brow. She wished she had his strength; his confidence; his gun
And yet, without any of these things at hand, Misty somehow mustered the courage to clamp her fingers around the metal handle and turn it, revealing the startlingly radiant glow of the room beyond. 
She lifted her arm up over her eyes, shielding them from the summery rays cascading in through the crystal-clear panes of the bay window facing the street. Sheer cotton curtains rippled in a gentle breeze, billowing in time to the melodic chirping of the wind chimes swaying outside the front door. She could smell the sweet, heady fragrance of the blood-red roses blooming just beneath the windowsill, each prideful petal puffed up to perfection as they gloated over the menagerie of the lesser flowers that cowered in their shadows, stealing the thunder of their own effulgent smatterings of yellows, pinks, and violets scattered about the lawn that stretched out like an emerald green ocean toward the dull, gray asphalt of the road beyond. 
Misty knew it wasn’t real – it couldn’t be – but when she pinched herself, the vision remained; she was stuck in the realm of Anita’s memories. 
But for how long? ...
If you're craving more, you can read eight FREE chapters of The Haunted Lingerie at by clicking here. I will update with additional chapters until a certain point is reached in the narrative, at which time I will leave the rest up to the release. I don't want to spoil the surprise!

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Hope you're having a great weekend, and that it only gets better from here!


  1. Can't wait to read it in its entirety! Keep it up Nora!

  2. Spooky and full of tension. I'm right there at her shoulder as she takes all this in :)

  3. Neat twist! Well done, Nora! This is incredibly vivid, the sights, the smells, the sounds, even the imagery evoked by fine details like the "blood red rose". Good 8.

  4. …each prideful petal puffed up to perfection! Love that whole paragraph of description! You have a wonderful way with words : ) Glad your Christmas was magical, as it should be!

  5. I loved the description of the flowers, I'm thoroughly intrigued by how reality and the ghost's memories are entwined...the gun won't help her much with this paranormal problem LOL. Just a wonderful excerpt, can't wait for more!

  6. The last paragraph was gorgeous and swept me into her fantasy. Thanks for a remarkable eight.

  7. Beautiful blending of reality and memory.

  8. I LOVE your description of the roses!

  9. Awesome description...what a mood setter. Great snippet!