Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Release: "Losing It"

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, my American friends!

And to the rest of you, happy almost-weekend!

After producing fifteen smutty shorts, I decided to try my hand at some erotic romance. My sixteenth work, Losing It, is about a boy and a girl - best friends - who realize that they could be something more. But would their romance ruin their friendship? From the blurb:

Anna has been best friends with Trent for as long as she can remember. When an accidental touch during a game of basketball sparks a fire inside her, she begins to question her feelings for him - a question he answers with a kiss. Will a summer romance ruin their friendship? And is that all their feelings will amount to?

You can view the cover art, as well as an exclusive excerpt, below.

Trent had always meant more to me than just a best friend. He was the boy I spent summer after summer pining over, sneaking out of my bedroom window to run barefoot through the wet grass to his idling pick-up truck in the middle of the night, chancing all manner of trouble for myself if my parents ever found out. His puckish grin always made it worth it, and soon we’d be lounging on his deck, drinking in the balmy night while we drank beer and talked about old movies none of our other friends had ever seen. 
But like Cinderella at her ball, I always had to be home before the dawn, and I’d spend the ride back wishing on the last dying star above me that there would be another night and another chance for my dreams to come true. Just before it faded into the first light of day, I would close my eyes and try to accept that unlike the fairy tales I grew up with, in real life, sometimes handsome princes just didn’t notice common girls. 
Trent drew my body against his, closing the distance with his hand pressed firmly into the small of my back. I whimpered. I wanted to see him, wanted to look up into his eyes, but the veil of my shirt still held tight around my face as I blindly sought out his lips with my own. I heard a low, throaty chuckle in response. My knees went weak. I loved his laugh. 
“So eager,” he whispered to me just before he engulfed my mouth in his.
Losing It is available for purchase from AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwords, and All Romance eBooks. You can also click on its cover art above to be taken to its product page on

Monday, November 25, 2013

Late Night Reading: "Hot Set" by Sage L. Morgan

You know, no one has ever accused me of being vanilla.

Sure, I might not write (or participate in) the most "out there" kink ever, but I do have my indulgences. I will freely admit that one of my dirtiest fantasies is something called PI, or pseudo-incest, which is where parties unrelated by blood, but still considered family, get it on. That might mean stepfather and stepdaughter, stepmother and stepson, or stepsiblings. One of the reasons I like it so much might actually be because it's so damn wrong and taboo.

That being said, do I necessarily endorse this behavior in real life? Only if everyone is above the age of consent and not being taken advantage of. Also, as part of a blended family, I certainly wouldn't be pleased if my daughter was fooling around with her stepdad - but that's why this sort of thing is a fantasy and not an endorsed reality. The terms of our fantasies are so much different - there are typically no consequences, no hurt feelings, and nothing we deem to be "actually creepy" is going on because it's all in our heads, and therefore, we get to set the terms.

This is a category that has seen a lot of bad press lately. Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Draft2Digital, to name a few, have been up in arms over it due to some sensationalist press stories that have recently surfaced. Frankly, it's rather silly to tell readers that they aren't allowed to enjoy this kink involving person over the age of consent, and it's even sillier to tell authors that they can't profit from it, especially when it seems to only apply to self-published material. Last I checked, V.C. Andrews' and George R.R. Martin's stuff is all still up (hell, both even got their own movie/show).

So when I see that something like Hot Set by Sage L. Morgan has managed to twist the kink into something Amazon will begrudgingly approve, it makes me very happy.

From the blurb:
Eighteen-year-old Kendall plays a much younger character on the hit sitcom, Average American Teen. She's tired of everybody treating her like a little girl, especially her TV daddy, James. How far will she go to convince him that she's all grown up? 
As you can see, this isn't necessarily "true" PI - but the "P" stands for "pseudo," which means "false," and so it still totally fits. Not only that, but Sage makes it hot as hell, with just enough verbage devoted to each character's inner turmoil to make the sex meaningful in addition to dark and dirty.

Let's break it down after the jump!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday #11

It's almost Thanksgiving in America, and I can already smell the turkey and jellied cranberry. But before I can indulge in a home-cooked meal at my parents' house, I've got another eight sentences to share with you!

This week is another eight sentences from The Haunted Lingerie. They provide a little insight into Misty's past, particularly how she dealt with the death of her father at such a young age, and why autumn is never a happy time for her.

Misty didn’t care for the changing colors. She was reminded too much of her father’s last days in the hospital, staring out his window at those trees, hanging on even after her mother had sat down at his bedside and told him through a veil of tears that he could let go as soon as he was ready. 
Her father had smiled, kissed her on the forehead, and drawn her close against his frail, skeletal body. 
I’ll go when they change, Mary, he told her, giving her body the best squeeze his atrophied arms could manage. I wanna see the colors one last time. 
He hadn’t made it that long.
Misty had been one of those kids who believed in magic; who saw so much of the world as charmed; who believed that evil could always be overthrown by good and that any curse could be shattered by true love’s kiss. 
But she stopped believing in it – any of it – when her father died while the leaves were still green.
I hope you enjoyed this week's eight. If you're in America, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! If you're in Canada, happy belated! And if you're elsewhere, I hope you've had a great weekend so far and that it only gets better from here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Release: "The Devil You Know"

This week has been a busy one.

I've been working doggedly on The Haunted Lingerie, my Paranormal/Horror Mystery Erotic Romance novel (that's a mouthful!). I'm cruising through the back end of the story, but getting hung up on the scenes that occur between bouts of action, and progress is going slower than I'd like. Still, at almost 60,000 words, I'm feeling pretty accomplished!

Not only that, but I can now claim fifteen titles to my name! My catalog looks so pretty I don't even know what to do with myself (besides keep publishing, of course)!

My fifteenth work is called The Devil You Know. It's the first time I've tried my hand at gender change erotica, and I have to say it was fun - and sexy! - to write. From the blurb:
Rory Anderson loves to take advantage of women. When he crushes the heart of his newest conquest, a sweet sorority virgin named Delia Sanderson, he feels like the big man on campus - until he wakes up as a girl! Worse yet, he's in the arms of an incubus summoned by the witches he's spurned. Can he atone for his sins without submitting to the infernal beast? Or will he give in to his new desires?
You can find the cover art, as well as an excerpt with links to purchase from, after the jump.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Late Night Reading: "The Cabin on Wolf Mountain" by Alice May Ball

Whew, it's been a long week - and it's only Monday!

As the holidays draw near, I find myself seeking escape more often. It's just so hectic with a five-year-old., especially when I have to run so many plans through her father to ensure nobody's toes are stepped on, custodially-speaking. Shared custody always seems so much more of a chore when multiple family gatherings are involved.

Which is why it's so nice to have a release - like delving into Alice May Ball's The Cabin on Wolf Mountain.

First of all - werewolves. Werewolves are honestly my most favorite paranormal entity. There's just something about the carnal nature of a man coming to the surface that gets me all tingly in all the right places, sort of like when my boyfriend sniffs at my hair or growls against my shoulder... mm.

See what other highly-inappropriate memories Alice May Ball jogs for me as we break it down after the jump!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday #10

Welcome to another Eight Sentence Sunday, brought to you by the fine people over at WeWriWa!

This Sunday's eight are once again from The Haunted Lingerie. In this scene, Misty and Jack are debating telling a victim's family the truth when that family has been estranged from the victim for a decade, and when they don't have any answers to give them yet. Misty is championing her point pretty heavily when Jack steps in to give her some perspective.

(Creative punctuation is in use.)

... Misty looked up at him. “Don’t they deserve to know?” 
“Of course they do,” he said softly, draping one of his legs across hers. “But maybe they oughta hear it from someone who’s trained to handle that sorta thing. You’re a sweet girl, Mist – there’s no denyin’ that – but breakin’ news like that to somebody… it takes more than compassion. You gotta know how to keep ‘em talkin’, even when they’re cryin’, and you gotta know when to say ‘thank you’ and step away.” He looked down into her eyes. “Do you think you could do that – do you think you could tell ‘em their baby is dead, especially when you don’t have any answers to give ‘em in return for the pretty lie that you’d be rippin’ away?” ...
I hope you've enjoyed my eight sentences this week. If you've enjoyed this snippet, you can take a look at my other works on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords. You can also access my Amazon author page by clicking on the cover art image above.

If you're looking for some more great reads, try Veronica Hardy and John Dylena on for size!

Hope you're having a great weekend, and that it only gets better from here!

Monday, November 11, 2013

New Release: "Intercourse with the Vampiress"

After a week or so of not being able to produce hardly anything publishable, it seems the curse of pneumonia is passing, and I'm finally able to put something out there!

My newest book is called Intercourse with the Vampiress. If some of you are wondering why I might use such an unsexy term as intercourse, that's because it's supposed to be a play on the very popular novel and movie, Interview with the Vampire.

From the blurb:
Victor Van Helsing has never known the truth of his lineage. So when a sexy vampiress shows up in his bedroom, he has no idea what she could want with him - let alone what a "vampire" even is! But as his will unravels under her hypnotic gaze, Victor can only feel shame that he is betraying his Mennonite upbringing. Can his faith hold out against the luscious curves of the vampiric vixen?
It's my first venture into mind control and hypnosis, but it's a little understated given Victor's sheltered life - he likely would have no idea what mind control or hypnosis were, so instead, I tried to describe the effects rather than give them name. It also features a woman in control, as my stories are wont to do, so if you enjoy a semi-reluctant male hero being seduced by a powerful woman, this might be the story for you (plus vampires - who doesn't love vampires?)!

Scroll down to see the cover art as well as an exclusive excerpt.

... “Oh!” he cried, shrinking away from her. “”No! I mustn’t…” 
“Shh,” she replied, pressing a finger to his lips from behind. “I’m only here to tell you a story – it’s up to you how that story goes. It could be tragic…” Her other hand snaked along his body, inching down the curve of his hip until it settled on the hardening rod between his legs. “…or it might have a happy ending.” He felt her breath in his ear again. “Nice long-johns, by the way.” 
“Th-Thank you,” he stammered, “but really, we mustn’t. I cannot bed a woman until I have taken a wife.” 
“Oh, please,” Virginia laughed, teasing the spot just beneath the head of his cock. “You couldn’t resist me if you tried. Besides…” She swirled her nail around the wet spot that was forming through his pajamas. “Aren’t you tired of being a good boy?” 
Victor’s dick lurched and he bit his lip. He was harder than he had ever been. He could fee his balls aching, a pain that spread throughout his shaft and culminated in his leaking tip. He lowered his head and looked down at the shadowy outline of his member twitching rhythmically in Virginia’s icy palm. 
“I’m really not supposed to cavort with Englishers,” he whispered. 
Virginia purred into his ear. “But doesn’t it feel so good?” She gave his dick a little pump with her fist and he almost cried out. He had only touched himself in such a way once, and was immediately reprimanded for it by his parents as well as the town elders. Virginia’ touch stirred his memories of the blissful release he had experienced afterward. Could he really wait until marriage to feel it again? 
“No one will know?” he asked her breathlessly, gazing at the darkened windows of his neighbors. 
“No one will know,” she assured him, and wrapped up his dick in a tight squeeze that forced him to spread his legs. “Are you ready to hear my story now?” ...
Intercourse with the Vampiress is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks. You can also click on the cover art above to be taken directly to its product page on

Stay tuned for more announcements!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday #9

This post is brought to you by WeWriWa, a blog hop that takes place every weekend wherein authors feature eight sentences from one of their published or unpublished works.

This week's eight are from my newest story, A New Year for Eve. You can find a short blurb to describe it below:
Thirty-one. Divorced. Happy?
It's December 31st, and Eve's divorce papers have just been finalized. It's also her thirty-first birthday, and at this point, she can't imagine a scenario in which she doesn't die a spinster. But when Aaron from IT surprises her with a late Christmas gift at the office New Year's Eve party, Eve suddenly sees a way out of her gloomy future: one that involves Aaron and his naughty little gift. 
The eight sentences I'll be posting this week take place in the corporate offices of Eve's company. She's working up to a delicious punishment to inflict upon Aaron as revenge for his arrogant delusions of seducing her, now that she's divorced. For the first time in a long time, Eve is taking control of her life - and is engaging in a little sexual healing. ;)

... She reached over between his quivering thighs and suppressed a grin as he spread them apart so readily. She denied him the immediate gratification of freedom, instead walking her fingers up his legs to the button on his suit coat, slipping it through the hole and tucking each side behind his back through the openings in the rope. 
Aaron watched her hands intently, trying to anticipate the moment she would lower them to his groin, but he refused to give him the satisfaction – at least, not while he was trying to brace himself for it – and made a show of playing with his belt buckle while he writhed impatiently beneath her. 
“My, you must be young,” she mused, sliding the buckle past each notch at an excruciating pace. “Has no one ever taught you to enjoy it – to savor the experience from beginning to end?” 
“No, Miss Doyle,” he breathed, leaning his head back as she raked her nails down his inner thighs through the thin fabric of his slacks. 
“And you thought that you’d seduce me and have it over and done with in – oh, five minutes?” she prodded, running the back of a nail up under his frenulum until he gasped. “That sort of thing doesn’t impress me, Aaron - you would have been at a disadvantage.” ...
I hope you've enjoyed my eight sentences this week. If you've enjoyed this snippet, you can purchase A New Year for Eve from AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwords, and All Romance eBooks. You can also access its page on Amazon by clicking on the cover art above.

If you're looking for some more great reads, try Veronica Hardy and John Dylena on for size!

Hope you're having a great weekend, and that it only gets better from here!

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Release: "A New Year for Eve"

As The Haunted Lingerie comes to a close, I've started working on my holiday-themed stories for this year.

Now, I'm not a big fan of the holidays. Never really have been. While I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just never meant as much to me. Maybe it's because I've never been a party type of person, or maybe it's because my holidays always involved me being sick or in the hospital as a child, but whatever the case, I've never felt as nostalgic about them as other people.

That being said, I would never deny anyone their holiday cheer! Especially not of the sexy variety.

It is in this spirit that I present to you A New Year for Eve, a tale about a woman turning thirty-one on the thirty-first of December, the day before her divorce papers are finalized. She's feeling old and alone - she can't remember the last time she was single, and in this beauty-obsessed world, she's fearful that she's reached her prime. But the corporate New Year's Eve party has a surprise in store for her - one that might be just what she needs to start the new year off with a bang.

You can find a sneak peek under the cover art below!

... "Lock the door," Eve growled menacingly at Aaron, though she was closer and perfectly capable of doing it herself.   
Aaron trudged over and did as he was told, turning the latch until Eve heard the satisfying click that signified his completion of the task.   
“Close the blinds,” she ordered next. “Unless you want everyone to see how humiliating this will be for you.”   
Aaron frowned. He moved to each of the conference room’s large interior windows and pulled the blinds shut, but kept his eyes on Eve nearly the entire time. He knew she was up to something, but it was clear from his expression that he wasn’t sure what. She could nearly hear the gears turning in his head.   
“If this is going to turn into a sexual harassment thing, I’ll just tender my resignation…” 
“I’m sorry, Aaron,” Eve interrupted, cocking her head. “Who told you that you could speak?”   
Aaron paused. He narrowed his eyes, but did not open his mouth again. Eve smiled. 
“Good.” She nodded to the chair nearest to him. “Now, have a seat.” 
Aaron stepped forward and warily drew the executive chair out from beneath the table. It had a high back, composed of soft, pliant leather, but no arm rests – the company’s policy, as her father had put it, was to make sure clients were just comfortable enough to let their guard down, but not too comfortable so that they thought they ran the place. He lowered himself into it and rolled toward the conference table, quirking an eyebrow as Eve removed the coil of red, silken rope from the gift box he had prepared for her. 
“Bag on the floor,” she instructed, carefully untying the cord from its compact formation. As Aaron complied, she walked over to him, stretching the rope between her hands and admiring its craftsmanship. 
“What sort of rope is this?” she asked him. 
“Japanese silk,” he replied, eyeing her suspiciously. “It’s used for shibari – the art of immobilizing someone elegantly.”   
Eve smiled. She took her time approaching Aaron, who seemed to grow more uncomfortable with every prolonged step she took. Good, she thought. Arrogant bastard. 
“Well, I know nothing about shibari,” she confessed, “but my uncle Phillip was in the Navy. He could tie a knot better than anyone I’ve ever known.” She paused for effect, and also to let a predatory grin spread across her face. “Shall I show you?” ...
You can purchase A New Year for Eve on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks, or you can click on the cover art above to be taken directly to its page on!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Late Night Reading #8: "The Curse" by Haleigh Cookson Clark

Welcome to another edition of Late Night Reading!

This evening, I'll be reviewing another great story by Haleigh Cookson Clark called The Curse.

I feel pretty blessed lately in that the stories I've had to read for review have been awesome, and this one is no exception. It's about a guy named Nick who wakes up with a vagina - and a hankering for a dick to put in it! When two of his friends arrive to find a girl in his apartment, things get a little weird - but in a really sexy way. This is a story that keeps you guessing right up until its twist ending that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear.

We'll delve into a bit more when we break it down after the jump.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday #8

Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog hop that takes place every weekend. Authors share eight sentences from either a published or unpublished work, then visit the other participants on the list to provide commentary and critique.

This week, we get another glimpse into The Haunted Lingerie. This novel is currently my sole focus, and at 47,800 words, we're entering the home stretch.

Here we have part of the confrontation between Misty and Jack. Misty has known Jack practically forever, and has been in love with him almost as long, but something happened to cause a rift between the two, and now thanks to the influence of the haunted lingerie, she has the courage to tell him what that is.

Creative punctuation is in use.

... “The day you came back, you didn’t tell me - I had to find out three days later when I just happened to run into your mother at the grocery store. I hurried up and finished my shopping, only I put a few extra things in the cart just for you.”
Jack averted his eyes as both recognition and shame crossed over his face - he knew where her story was going. 
“I almost burned down my apartment trying to bake you a cake, and once it was done, I called you to let you know - but you never picked up, Jack. So, I ate the cake. It became a feelings cake, and I ate it – the whole fucking thing, and when I had choked down the last bite, I promised myself that was it – that I wasn’t going to bother with you ever again, and that if you really wanted to see me, it would be you who made the effort. And you know what I did after I ate the feelings cake, Jack? I spent the next ten years pining over you, you selfish dick!” ...
I hope you've enjoyed my eight sentences this week. If you've enjoyed this snippet, you can take a look at my other works on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords. You can also access my Amazon author page by clicking on the cover art image above.

If you're looking for some more great reads, try Veronica Hardy and John Dylena on for size!

Hope you're having a great weekend, and that it only gets better from here!