Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday #8

Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog hop that takes place every weekend. Authors share eight sentences from either a published or unpublished work, then visit the other participants on the list to provide commentary and critique.

This week, we get another glimpse into The Haunted Lingerie. This novel is currently my sole focus, and at 47,800 words, we're entering the home stretch.

Here we have part of the confrontation between Misty and Jack. Misty has known Jack practically forever, and has been in love with him almost as long, but something happened to cause a rift between the two, and now thanks to the influence of the haunted lingerie, she has the courage to tell him what that is.

Creative punctuation is in use.

... “The day you came back, you didn’t tell me - I had to find out three days later when I just happened to run into your mother at the grocery store. I hurried up and finished my shopping, only I put a few extra things in the cart just for you.”
Jack averted his eyes as both recognition and shame crossed over his face - he knew where her story was going. 
“I almost burned down my apartment trying to bake you a cake, and once it was done, I called you to let you know - but you never picked up, Jack. So, I ate the cake. It became a feelings cake, and I ate it – the whole fucking thing, and when I had choked down the last bite, I promised myself that was it – that I wasn’t going to bother with you ever again, and that if you really wanted to see me, it would be you who made the effort. And you know what I did after I ate the feelings cake, Jack? I spent the next ten years pining over you, you selfish dick!” ...
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Hope you're having a great weekend, and that it only gets better from here!


  1. Yeah, I'd be angry about that too. Great rant!

  2. Wow, her description of eating the cake really works. Great 8.

  3. The feelings of anger just ripple off the page. Wow! An excellent eight!

  4. Wow, a lot of history there and I'm with Millie - you made the feelings so strong they DO ripple off the page. Excellent excerpt!

  5. her anger comes across loud and clear. I wonder how he'll respond

  6. Feelings cake -- awesome. I love her rant and feel her anger and sadness and, do I detect a little self-loathing, too? Nice 8!

  7. I love this, Nora! This was a great telling off! Many emotions come through, anger, sorrow, frustration. Great job!

  8. Beautiful, Nora. I felt everything from her baking, waiting,eating the whole cake and self loathing.

  9. Oh Nora, that was just excellent! Very real and full of all the emotions. And the cake thing was so human you know? Great character development!
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