Monday, November 11, 2013

New Release: "Intercourse with the Vampiress"

After a week or so of not being able to produce hardly anything publishable, it seems the curse of pneumonia is passing, and I'm finally able to put something out there!

My newest book is called Intercourse with the Vampiress. If some of you are wondering why I might use such an unsexy term as intercourse, that's because it's supposed to be a play on the very popular novel and movie, Interview with the Vampire.

From the blurb:
Victor Van Helsing has never known the truth of his lineage. So when a sexy vampiress shows up in his bedroom, he has no idea what she could want with him - let alone what a "vampire" even is! But as his will unravels under her hypnotic gaze, Victor can only feel shame that he is betraying his Mennonite upbringing. Can his faith hold out against the luscious curves of the vampiric vixen?
It's my first venture into mind control and hypnosis, but it's a little understated given Victor's sheltered life - he likely would have no idea what mind control or hypnosis were, so instead, I tried to describe the effects rather than give them name. It also features a woman in control, as my stories are wont to do, so if you enjoy a semi-reluctant male hero being seduced by a powerful woman, this might be the story for you (plus vampires - who doesn't love vampires?)!

Scroll down to see the cover art as well as an exclusive excerpt.

... “Oh!” he cried, shrinking away from her. “”No! I mustn’t…” 
“Shh,” she replied, pressing a finger to his lips from behind. “I’m only here to tell you a story – it’s up to you how that story goes. It could be tragic…” Her other hand snaked along his body, inching down the curve of his hip until it settled on the hardening rod between his legs. “…or it might have a happy ending.” He felt her breath in his ear again. “Nice long-johns, by the way.” 
“Th-Thank you,” he stammered, “but really, we mustn’t. I cannot bed a woman until I have taken a wife.” 
“Oh, please,” Virginia laughed, teasing the spot just beneath the head of his cock. “You couldn’t resist me if you tried. Besides…” She swirled her nail around the wet spot that was forming through his pajamas. “Aren’t you tired of being a good boy?” 
Victor’s dick lurched and he bit his lip. He was harder than he had ever been. He could fee his balls aching, a pain that spread throughout his shaft and culminated in his leaking tip. He lowered his head and looked down at the shadowy outline of his member twitching rhythmically in Virginia’s icy palm. 
“I’m really not supposed to cavort with Englishers,” he whispered. 
Virginia purred into his ear. “But doesn’t it feel so good?” She gave his dick a little pump with her fist and he almost cried out. He had only touched himself in such a way once, and was immediately reprimanded for it by his parents as well as the town elders. Virginia’ touch stirred his memories of the blissful release he had experienced afterward. Could he really wait until marriage to feel it again? 
“No one will know?” he asked her breathlessly, gazing at the darkened windows of his neighbors. 
“No one will know,” she assured him, and wrapped up his dick in a tight squeeze that forced him to spread his legs. “Are you ready to hear my story now?” ...
Intercourse with the Vampiress is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks. You can also click on the cover art above to be taken directly to its product page on

Stay tuned for more announcements!

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