Friday, November 8, 2013

New Release: "A New Year for Eve"

As The Haunted Lingerie comes to a close, I've started working on my holiday-themed stories for this year.

Now, I'm not a big fan of the holidays. Never really have been. While I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just never meant as much to me. Maybe it's because I've never been a party type of person, or maybe it's because my holidays always involved me being sick or in the hospital as a child, but whatever the case, I've never felt as nostalgic about them as other people.

That being said, I would never deny anyone their holiday cheer! Especially not of the sexy variety.

It is in this spirit that I present to you A New Year for Eve, a tale about a woman turning thirty-one on the thirty-first of December, the day before her divorce papers are finalized. She's feeling old and alone - she can't remember the last time she was single, and in this beauty-obsessed world, she's fearful that she's reached her prime. But the corporate New Year's Eve party has a surprise in store for her - one that might be just what she needs to start the new year off with a bang.

You can find a sneak peek under the cover art below!

... "Lock the door," Eve growled menacingly at Aaron, though she was closer and perfectly capable of doing it herself.   
Aaron trudged over and did as he was told, turning the latch until Eve heard the satisfying click that signified his completion of the task.   
“Close the blinds,” she ordered next. “Unless you want everyone to see how humiliating this will be for you.”   
Aaron frowned. He moved to each of the conference room’s large interior windows and pulled the blinds shut, but kept his eyes on Eve nearly the entire time. He knew she was up to something, but it was clear from his expression that he wasn’t sure what. She could nearly hear the gears turning in his head.   
“If this is going to turn into a sexual harassment thing, I’ll just tender my resignation…” 
“I’m sorry, Aaron,” Eve interrupted, cocking her head. “Who told you that you could speak?”   
Aaron paused. He narrowed his eyes, but did not open his mouth again. Eve smiled. 
“Good.” She nodded to the chair nearest to him. “Now, have a seat.” 
Aaron stepped forward and warily drew the executive chair out from beneath the table. It had a high back, composed of soft, pliant leather, but no arm rests – the company’s policy, as her father had put it, was to make sure clients were just comfortable enough to let their guard down, but not too comfortable so that they thought they ran the place. He lowered himself into it and rolled toward the conference table, quirking an eyebrow as Eve removed the coil of red, silken rope from the gift box he had prepared for her. 
“Bag on the floor,” she instructed, carefully untying the cord from its compact formation. As Aaron complied, she walked over to him, stretching the rope between her hands and admiring its craftsmanship. 
“What sort of rope is this?” she asked him. 
“Japanese silk,” he replied, eyeing her suspiciously. “It’s used for shibari – the art of immobilizing someone elegantly.”   
Eve smiled. She took her time approaching Aaron, who seemed to grow more uncomfortable with every prolonged step she took. Good, she thought. Arrogant bastard. 
“Well, I know nothing about shibari,” she confessed, “but my uncle Phillip was in the Navy. He could tie a knot better than anyone I’ve ever known.” She paused for effect, and also to let a predatory grin spread across her face. “Shall I show you?” ...
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