Saturday, October 5, 2013

Eight Sentence Saturday #4

It's that time!

WeWriWa is here again, which means I'll be sharing another eight sentences from a published or in-progress work. WeWriWa is a great way for authors to participate in a blog-hop and not only gain exposure for themselves, but give other authors some feedback, too!

For the month of October, I'll be featuring paranormal excerpts only to get you in the mood for Halloween. That means that this week's excerpt is from The Haunted Lingerie, a paranormal erotic romance novel I've been working very hard on for the past month or so.

We'll start off at the point where Misty first sees the cursed lingerie, and where she immediately falls under its spell.

Misty paused, breathlessly basking in the radiance of its unique beauty. The detail was exquisite; it had obviously been made with care, more so than anything she could find in a department store – or even a specialty boutique – these days. The lacework was impeccable, a sprawling pattern of roses up the back that would serve to frame a woman’s natural curves beautifully, wrapping around the sides and skirting the fabric of the front panel, dyed a velvety violet. Purple was Misty’s favorite color, and this shade was particularly divine: a rich, luxe hue which reminded her of royalty and Old Hollywood glamour. 
She reached out and reverently touched the silken fabric at the front, noticing the sneaky little underwire delicately built in to the cloth. She could imagine herself sheathed inside of it, the hourglass curves of the luxurious teddy hugging her own as if she had been poured into it and had subsequently altered herself to fit its form. It was like it had been made for her – only for her – and had serendipitously arrived precisely when she needed it most. 
Jack will be mine, she thought, staring at the lingerie in a trance.
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Hope you're having a great weekend, and that it only gets better from here!


  1. Lovely snippet - and oh oh for poor Misty. Well done. This definitely makes the reader want to continue reading the story.

    1. Thank you so much! I'll have something a bit more exciting next time around. ;)

  2. Great descriptive passage, Nora! Well done.

  3. She is going to look so beautiful, awesome. Jack will definitely be hers.

  4. Ha, haunted lingerie, what a concept! This is a great excerpt. I'm going to make sure I hit your blog again because this is such a fun idea & I love how you're handling it :)

  5. Oh dear, this piece of lingerie is so perfect, I'm dreading the catch! I was entranced by the description of the garment, WANT it LOL. Excellent excerpt, can't wait to read more.

  6. Haunted lingerie? What an idea for Halloween month!

  7. Very nice, he won't be able to resist. great eight.

  8. That's some powerful lingerie! Great, evocative descriptions, Nora.

  9. Wow! Your description is fantastic. :-) Haunted Lingerie--excellent concept! :-)

  10. Cursed lingerie----I love it! What a cool idea. Oh my, this has such great potential for all kinds of story line dilemmas. Great description of it too. I have a feeling it adjusts itself to the person. Looking forward to seeing what affect it has on her.
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