Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Haunted Lingerie: A Supernatural Snippet

It's Wednesday! And you know what that means...

...well, usually it means absolutely nothing.

But today, it means I post a new snippet from The Haunted Lingerie!

This is the first novel-length story I will be publishing, and hopefully, it will be the start of a supernatural series of standalone novels that occur within the same strange town.

It's also the most popular story idea I've had so far. I'm pretty excited about that aspect of it. I've always wanted to write something people were actually interested in, and since it's October, it seems like the perfect time to get this thing out there.

My goal is to have this completed and published by October 13th. So all week, I'll be working on nothing but The Haunted Lingerie in order to achieve my goal. It will be the first time I've focused on one story instead of many since I started publishing, but hopefully the nature of the story will draw in enough readers to make up for only publishing once during this week.

Without further ado, follow me after the jump for a look at the finalized cover art and an extended sexy supernatural sneak peek!

She wet her lips. “I’m fine, Jack. Really. I even killed a giant, murderous opossum all by myself today.” 
“An opossum?! 
“Yeah,” she sighed. “It got into my closet through the crawlspace. It must’ve sliced its neck on the way down somehow. It bled all over my clothes.” She paused, wondering exactly how it had also managed to turn on the light. 
Jack chuckled. “That must’ve pissed you off.” 
She smiled faintly. She missed his laugh. “You have no idea,” she said, tilting her head to cradle her phone between her shoulder and ear. “I’m still trying to figure out how much of it got ruined. I got half of it in the wash right away, but the rest I can’t drop off at the dry cleaners until tomorrow, and–” 
Misty stopped, staring at her hand. It was holding her vibrator. 
“Misty?” Jack said. He sounded concerned. “Are you still there?” 
Misty whimpered, unsure of how to respond – or how the vibrator got into her hand. She looked past it to the open drawer of her nightstand. When had she done that? 
“Y-Yeah, I’m still here,” she stammered. Although she had intended to move her arm to put the vibrator back, she watched helplessly as she pressed it between her thighs instead. “J-Just got a little distracted, is all.” 
Her thumb slid across the button on the side of the device, setting the vibrations to low as her other hand reached down to pull aside the crotch of her teddy. 
“Um, Jack,” she whispered, her eyes widening in terror. “I think I should go…” 
“Misty, are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, just as the double-pronged rabbit attachment began tickling her clit. 
“Ah!” she gasped, her toes curling into the sheets. She bit her lip to stifle a moan. “I’m fine, Jack. I swear – oh!” 
Her thumb had flicked the dial again, ramping up the intensity of the vibrations focused squarely on her pink little nub. It began to throb and Misty cursed under her breath, struggling to resist the urge to slide the tip inside herself. 
“Jesus Christ, Misty, don’t lie to me!” Jack growled with a ferocity that only made her wetter. She turned away from the phone, muffling her husky murmurs of pleasure as he continued: “It sounds like that ankle hurts a lot worse than you’re lettin’ on. Do I have to come down there and drag you off to the doctor myself?” 
Oh, please do! Misty thought, biting the pillowcase as her thumb changed the speed yet again. This time, it engaged the rotation in the vibrator’s shaft and pressed the head against her opening, letting it swirl her juices all over her puffy inner lips. And while you’re at it, you can put me over your knee for being a bad girl, too…

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