Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Release: "The Game: Home Run"

This is it - the final installment in The Boys Club Series is here.

It's been a long road. My first foray into erotica was The Game: First Down, the first part of the trilogy that quickly became my bestseller. Although I left it momentarily to work on other projects, and in the process was able to produce ten more titles, my mind always wandered back to Vince and how his story would end.

Is this a story where Vince "gets the guy?" Is he too far removed from his own sexuality for him to fully actualize the nuances of his journey? When it's all over, will he go back to his apartment alone? How will his experiences have changed him?

The answer lies in the third and final book, The Game: Home Run.

I'll provide you with a snippet from the new book, as well as its cover art, after the jump.

... As the beer settled pleasantly in his stomach, Vince leaned back against the sofa cushions and opened up his legs. 
He had downed the bottle in record time, and though the rest of the world seemed to be slowing down around him, his dick seemed to be hardening at an even pace, filling out as he stared longingly at the bathroom door he knew Paul was hiding behind. He imagined Paul peeling off the semen-soaked teddy and dropping it to his feet, arched high within their patent leather sheaths. He thought of his fingers working at the clasps of his garter belt, releasing the scalloped tops of his black, lacy stockings from their hold. Vince licked his lips as the delectable image of Paul rolling down his nylons inch-by-inch filled his mind, and soon his chubby cock had swollen to capacity, bobbing rhythmically in the open air as a syrupy bead of precum presented itself at his tip, the incontrovertible proof of the perverse effect that Paul’s muscle-bound body had on him. 
He felt the couch cushion next to him depress, and then the warmth of Willy’s slender thigh pressing against his. 
“Paul will be out in just a minute,” he said, teasing his fingers up the curves of Vince’s inner thighs. “I’ll get you ready for him.” ...
The Game: Home Run is currently available from AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords. You may also click on the cover art above to be taken directly to its product page on

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