Friday, October 4, 2013

New Releases: "Sweet Treats, Vol. 1" and "The Game: Dangerous Play," Plus a Sneak Peek at New Cover Art

Thanks to B&N's lengthy turnaround time on new projects, I have two new releases to share with you this week!

It's October, and that means I'll be focusing more on paranormal projects than anything else. Subsequently, Yulene and the Wolf will take a backseat to The Haunted Lingerie, because although the first is paranormal enough, it takes place during the winter solstice, so I don't plan on releasing it until November anyway.

I was happy to get two works out this week and meet my goal after only getting one book out last week. I'm feeling much more confident that I can adhere to that schedule now. Plus, I was able to give fans something they've been looking for: a direct sequel to The Game (now listed as The Game: First Down). It's my bestselling work and already fans are giving it a run for its money with its sequel, officially titled The Game: Dangerous Play. Expect a third and final installment soon!

I also bundled together all three of my lactation stories (Cleaning up Camille, Mia's Milk Machine, and The Milk Party) into Sweet Treats, Vol. 1: Cream of the Crop. There will be more Sweet Treats volumes in the future, all focusing on various "sweet" stories. At only $4.99, it's a great way to save money if you're interested in even just two of the stories I offer!

You'll find excerpts, plus an exclusive work-in-progress, behind-the-scenes look at The Haunted Lingerie's new cover art, after the jump!

... Paul was still on his knees, bruises beginning to form underneath the semi-sheer weave of his dark stockings, his garters stretched to capacity under his short skirt. His mouth was wide open, tongue protruding and flat, his eyes darting from one man to the other as they jerked their cum-fat dicks closer and closer toward his face. 
“Fuck!” Willy grunted as a pearl of semen began budding at his tip. “Lift your skirt up, Paula. Show us your pussy.” 
“Yeah, Paula,” Ramos taunted, the first time he had spoken all evening. “Get your chocha out.” 
Paul locked eyes with Vince and lifted away his petticoat and skirt. Beneath it, Vince could see he wasn’t just wearing panties, but a tight black teddy that hugged his balls close to his leaking cock. Stains darker than the material itself had formed where Paul’s throbbing tip lay, glistening streaks of lust that made the thin fabric cling even more tightly to the shape of his fully hardened dick. 
Vince made a little sound, one he had not intended to make, and dug his teeth into his lower lip. Goddamn if he hadn’t missed that creamy white cock. 
“I think Vince likes your pussy!” Rodney said, laughing as he began stroking his cock even faster. That thing was a handful, more than Vince imagined most girls could take in their mouths. He wondered if that was the reason Rodney was a part of the group. 
I certainly like it,” Mark said, inching closer to press his swollen tip against Paul’s eager tongue. He began tapping it on the wet, warm surface, jacking off practically in his mouth. “Let it peek out a little, Paula. We wanna see the pink part.” ...
The Game: Dangerous Play can be purchased by clicking on these links for AmazonBarnes & Noble, or Smashwords, or by clicking on the image of its cover art above.

... James watched helplessly as Eva popped the button through its slit and worked her way down to the zipper, the first step in freeing his ensconced dick from its fabric prison. She bent her head, working the tab with her teeth, sliding it down his crotch at a pace so excruciating that he nearly howled at the torture of it. 
When she had finally reached the bottom, Eva crept forward on his lap and tugged at the elastic waistband of his cotton boxer briefs. 
“Let’s see what we’ve got here,” she said, briefly teasing her fingertip on the spot where his lust had soaked through. 
At her urging, James’ dick sprung free, slinging forward toward Eva’s face. She gasped and rose to meet it, letting it come to rest snugly between her gargantuan tits, a fit so tight it could have just as easily been her pussy. He moaned at the thought of slipping into her warm, wet hole and his dick oozed with a shiny trail of precum that smeared onto Eva’s fair skin. 
“Ooh!” she murmured approvingly. “Is all this for me?” She pressed her finger to his dickhead and pulled away, bringing with her a thin string of his juice that stretched all the way up in front of her face. 
“Oh, shit,” he mumbled, licking his lips as he watched her repeat the process. “Fuck, Eva!” 
“Mm, there’s so much of it!” She gasped, as though overjoyed at the sight of the mess he had begun to make all over her chest. “Do you think you could spare any more, James? I’d really like a whole mouthful to swallow. Do you think you could manage?” She batted her glittery eyelashes at him. “Pretty please?” ...
Sweet Treats, Vol. 1 can be purchased by clicking on these links for AmazonBarnes & Noble, or Smashwords, or by clicking on the image of its cover art above.

The Haunted Lingerie
A Sneak Preview 

... “What do you think I’m looking for?” Misty asked, careful to dull the edge trying to work itself into her tone. 
“Something that will give you… confidence,” the old woman said at length, the wrinkles in her forehead coming together in a contemplative frown. She looked as though she was trying to read a book from just a little too far away. “Those shoes are very pretty, but they won’t make you feel like the kind of woman you wish to become.” 
Misty’s insides twisted sharply. Mrs. Clathermont had hit a little too close to home, she suddenly felt very naked in front of her – and not in the physical sense. She shifted uneasily. 
“Did you have something else in mind?” she asked warily. 
Mrs. Clathermont smiled wider and nodded again. Her eyes filled with an electric charge, sparkling like twin jewels set into the dark sockets of her skull. Misty swore she saw them change color from pallid iceberg blue to fathomless sapphire, but brushed it off as just the low light from the gas lamps playing tricks on her. 
“I have just the thing, I think.” She placed both hands on the top of her cane. Misty noticed she was squeezing it so tightly that her knuckles had turned white. “It’s in the back room. That’s where I keep the more… intriguing objects.” 
Behind her, one of the lamps flickered, and her face was momentarily cast in shadow so that Misty could see only the vibrant color of her eyes, flanked by wrinkles that in the darkness seemed more like deep ravines leading to an abyss beyond. She shuddered and folded her arms, seized by a sudden chill. Had it gotten colder since she arrived? 
“Would you like me to show you?” Mrs. Clathermont asked just as the lamp flame flared again. ...

Saturday Smut.


  1. Love the new art and the story looks awesome!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm very excited about this one. It's just turning out to be longer than I thought, which is why I keep putting stuff ahead of it to ensure I reach my two-per-week goal. I have a feeling that it's gonna be a winner once it gets out there, though.