Saturday, September 21, 2013

Eight Sentence Saturday #2

For this week's WeWriWa challenge, I'll post a snippet from my upcoming work, Mia's Milk Machine.

I love participating in this, as it gives me a reason to write on the weekends and achieve my goals for the week. This week's goal was to publish two different works. As soon as it's finished, Mia's Milk Machine will be the second, following Cleaning Up Camille. I'm going to try to make its cover art a little more "tame" per Amazon's ridiculous guidelines, so we'll see if it gets filtered or not.

Anyhow, here's your eight sentence snippet!

He could see right away that she was swollen to capacity. He had seen it in a cow’s udders before, and he knew how uncomfortable and painful it could be. Although he felt a twinge of sympathy for her, he also felt a completely different twinge in his cock, one that bid it to its full length in just a few seconds. Soon he was just as swollen and uncomfortable as she was, and where he could see her pulse flowing through a dusky blue vein near the surface of her chest, he could feel his blood thrumming in the much more prominent veins of his girthsome shaft. 
Mia said: “I’ve been lucky. Unlike most women in my situation, I’ve been overflowing with milk. One of my regulars happened to notice and told me about several very rich men he knew who would pay handsomely if I could develop a line of specialty products tailored specifically to their… unique predilections.” 
She smiled as she put the teatcups down on a nearby tray and said: “I’m not worried about you stealing my secret ingredient, Dom, because the secret ingredient is me.”
I hope you've enjoyed my contribution to WeWriWa this week. If you enjoyed Mia's Milk Machine, consider looking into Cleaning Up Camille - or one of my other works - as an alternative until it's released!


  1. Lovely description and tension. Well done 8.

  2. I don't normally read in this genre...but I could envision this well, so Kudos on a job well done.