Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Late Night Reading #2 - "Sex Game" by Olivia Quinn

Do you enjoy a bit of lyrical prose in your erotica? If so, Olivia Quinn may be just the author for you!

Fairly new to the scene, Olivia offers a sophistication that many new authors lack in their work. Fans of Violet Blue will enjoy Olivia's language and structure, as well as her detailed descriptions and insights into her character's apprehensions and fantasies.

Let's break it down after the jump.

Overall: ★★★★ (3.5)

I enjoyed this one. It's short and sweet, but is lacking in a few areas. The dialogue was a little less genuine to actual human speech than I'd like, which sometimes took me out of the beautiful atmosphere Olivia is able to create with her narrative, and the euphemisms got a little out of control at one point ("cum gun" is not a term I ever care to hear again outside of comedic rapport!), but despite this, its many strengths drew me in and made this an enjoyable read. I believe the author would do very well with longer works of erotic romance or romantic fiction, but please don't misunderstand - her shorts are steamy, sexy, and sweet, too!

Originality: ★★★★

Judging by the blurb, I was expecting something just a little different here. The work didn't suffer for the discrepancy in my understanding, but I was also underwhelmed by the ending. The concept was great and I enjoyed the way it played out, but the entire time, I kept hoping for something a little... more.

Character Development: ★★★★

The two main characters, Desmond and Jacqueline, are very relatable. Their relationship dynamic is an earnest one, with events taking place that I feel occur in many, if not all, passionate couplings. They have particularly charming non-sexual habits, such as creative people-watching, a sport in which they make up details about the lives of people they have never met (sort of like the scene in the Winchester pub in "Shaun of the Dead" where Nick Frost is cracking up Simon Pegg with sordid tales about the patrons and their sex lives). I could empathize with Jacqueline's resistance to Desmond's increasingly adventurous proposals, as well as her eventual submission to them. This was written very fluidly and realistically, and I never once felt that her character was being marginalized or altered into a more submissive role to play against a male lead. This happens often in works of fiction, not just erotica, and can be difficult to avoid, so I applaud Olivia for managing to do so!

She also injects a bit of humor right at the beginning, which is always a great way of disarming a reader and assuring them that the tale they are about to read has no shortage of substance. It's a smart move, and one that pays off.

Editing: ★★★★★

Easily five stars, Olivia's editing is superb, and contributes to easy reading. Her formatting is simplistic and perfect. Not much more can be said in this regard, other than it exudes professionalism.

The Sex: ★★★★

The sex, while wonderful, suffered a bit from Excessive Euphemism Syndrome (EES). I realize that the author was trying to give us a sensory experience by including so many metaphors, and that one can only say "cock" or "dick" so many times, but a few of the words or phrases Olivia chose took me right out of the story (the infamous "cum gun," mentioned on top, was one of them - others included "sausage" and "water bottle"). That being said, the sex is easy to lose yourself in, and Olivia is able to give us valuable insight into Jacqueline's reactions and those she observes from Desmond. Their mutual pleasure in risky places makes for a titillating read, and one that made me excited and nervous for them just as the author had intended. If you enjoy scenes that delve into the emotional state of their participants, this is precisely what you are looking for.

I would recommend this book to those who appreciate erotic romance more so than stroke fiction. Olivia's focus is on character development and savoring the journey than it is on kink, which makes for a very emotionally satisfying read. I hope to see her work enter the erotic romance/romance arenas in the near-future. In the meantime, if you're looking for something to arouse your mind as much as it does your body, I highly suggest you take a look at Olivia's "Sex Game" and her multitude of other works.

The reviewed title can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, or by clicking the linked image above. You can also find Olivia's other titles listed on her author pages on all three sites.


  1. Great Review! Going on my list of to reads.

    Do you think writing a work entitled "The Game" navigated your decision to review another work with "Game" in the title?

    1. Absolutely! :P

      In the future, I think I'll add a "story satisfaction" category to these reviews. I am crazy about endings and whether or not they satisfy the rest of the story, so much that I will forever hate an entire movie I found enjoyable based on a botched ending. I'd like to praise those who get it right and offer critique for those who don't.