Monday, September 30, 2013

Release Day: The Milk Party - Plus a Follow-Up to the Banned Book Post

Okay, so I couldn't wait anymore.

I was going to stave off posting this update until Nookpress has figured out its life, but it's been three days and I just can't be expected to hold it in any longer.

It's here!

My latest work, The Milk Party, is live! It's an 11,000 word story - my longest work - as well as an erotic romance, my first ever venture into that particular subgenre.

Unfortunately, it has also been ADULT filtered by Amazon.

Speaking of which, did I tell you that Pop Goes the Cherry got un-blocked? Because it did! Apparently, one of Amazon's no-no words is now "virgin," which means if you have "virgin" in your title, your parentheticals, or your description, your book is likely to get blocked. Not filtered - BLOCKED.

Mia's Milk Machine has also fallen prey to the insidious filter, and I'm being told that "lactation" is the word that will get you filtered now. Gee, can't wait to see the shitstorm that ensues from breastfeeding literature being placed under an ADULT filter (I'm lookin' at you, Pradheep, you overzealous conservative you!).

You can find a saucy excerpt from The Milk Party as well as links to purchase it from after the jump!

... "I'm getting married tomorrow," he said, and flinched as though confessing some dark and terrible sin. 
Eva tilted her head just enough to lock eyes with him. 
“So?” she asked. 
James almost laughed. He twisted his wrists within the confines of the zip ties that bound them, turning his face so that their noses were almost touching. 
“So it’s probably bad luck to start out a marriage on lies and deceit,” he explained, though he knew he didn’t have to. There was an intense spark of intelligence lighting up Eva’s cerulean eyes, so bright and powerful that it served to make her entire face glow, even behind her dreadful, dark mask. It made him wonder what she was doing there with him. 
“Mm,” she said noncommittally. “I’ve always heard that it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. I’ve never heard anyone say anything about lies and deceit.” She tilted her face, bringing the cusp of her lower lip within millimeters of his. 
“You don’t have to fuck me, James,” she moaned into his partially open mouth. Her breath tasted like cinnamon sugar and warm butter melting on the back of his tongue and he grunted softly, pleading with the universe for restraint. “You can just play with these tits that you’ve been staring at ever since I walked through that door. You can suck them… lick them… tease them… Hell, James, I’ll even let you slide your hot, throbbing dick between them, if you want.” ...
The Milk Party is available for purchase on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords.


  1. With the crackdown on "virgins" and "monster sex" the blurb for my story is going to be incredibly vague!

    1. I've noticed quite a few authors doing that... for P.I., instead of "stepdad," "man of the house" is now often used.