Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Release Day! "Cleaning Up Camille" - M/F Public Lactation Erotica

Good evening, everyone! My newest short, Cleaning Up Camille, has been released at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble, and Amazon! If lactation is your thing, I have just the story for you. Check out the blurb below:
Nick is a young, aspiring artist. Camille is his favorite barista at the Happy Hermit café. When Camille's engorged breasts start leaking during her shift, he knows that someone will have to clean her up - and it might as well be him. This is a short erotic story just over 5,000 words. It contains graphic descriptions of sex.
You can find an excerpt, as well as links to purchase Cleaning Up Camille, after the jump!

... Although his brain recognized that Camille was only teasing him, his cock hadn’t quite caught up yet. Nick opened his legs and reached down discretely to adjust his bulge, gripping it for a second as he watched Camille preparing his drink at the latte machine.
She had been one of those girls that you could only tell was pregnant from the front, and less than six months after she’d given birth to her son, she was right back to her toned, willowy form. It made her breasts look even larger, sticking out so far from her tiny frame that he was afraid she might burn them on the machine. They were constantly firm and swollen, a byproduct of not being able to nurse on demand like many mothers did. Although she’d told him she pumped regularly at work, this was the morning rush, and he could see from the way that the buttons on her blouse strained that she hadn’t had the chance to do it yet. He gave his dick a little squeeze, thinking about how Camille’s tits would look if some of those buttons just happened to pop loose. 
As she steamed the milk, Nick was thinking about hers. He thought about slinking up behind her at the machine and pressing his rigid cock into the small of her back, hearing her gasp as he reached forward to place light little flicks upon the tips of her nipples. He imagined her moaning, stop, don’t, I’ll get it everywhere, as she began to leak through her blouse, dribbling down her stomach. Then he would pinch those wet tits, groping each one hard and milking her in thick, sweet sprays to cries of pleasure and relief, forcing her to be his little cow until her shirt clung to every inch of her curvaceous body. 
He paused, rubbing his thumb over his tip. Where was all this coming from? 
He glanced up at Camille’s face as she turned over her shoulder and gave him a sweet smile. Christ, she was so pretty, so kind. What on Earth made him want to do those things to her? He slumped in his seat and offered her a weak smile in return, trying to hide his shame as his dick pumped beads of precum into his boxers. 
She returned with his surprise drink a moment later, bringing with her a can of whipped cream. She set the mug and saucer in front of him and began shaking the can. 
“I know how much you like sweets,” she said, her tits following the movements of her arm. 
Nick almost groaned aloud. He gritted his teeth into another smile. “Yeah,” he managed. “I’m a sweet kinda guy.” 
Camille locked eyes with him. “Sure are,” she said, and swirled a mountain of fluffy whipped cream onto the top of his latte. ...
Cleaning Up Camille is currently available for purchase at AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

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