Sunday, September 15, 2013

Veronica Hardy Reviews "The Game" by Nora Nix!

A few days ago, my debut story, The Game, was reviewed by the illustrious Veronica Hardy. It was such an honor to be featured on her blog, but I didn't have a blog of my own at the time, and wasn't able to link to it right away.

Fortunately, that problem has now been solved! You can find the review on her blog here. Be sure to check out her other reviews, as well as her own work, which is also featured on her blog!

And if her review has piqued your interest, you can purchase your very own copy of The Game at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords (be sure to check out my author page, too, if you like what you see)!

You can also sneak a peek at a saucy excerpt of The Game after the jump!

... “Did ya see that?” he demanded, pointing at the screen. “I told ya! I told ya my team’d pull it off!” 
Paul half-smiled. He looked up at Vince. “I, uh… I guess that means ya won the bet, huh?” 
“Damn right I did,” Vince said, taking a swig of his warming beer. “And you know what that means.” 
“Yeah,” Paul said, his smile fading. “I do.” 
Vince leaned back against the couch cushions and looked at Paul, his dick still clenched in his hand. Paul was staring back at him, breathing hard, supporting his cock at its base so that whenever his chest heaved, so did his prick. Neither of them moved. 
Vince wasn’t sure he had ever considered them actually going through with it. It had been a bluff, mostly – a dare. But now there they were with their bare dicks out, watching each other jack off with the intent of getting a blow job after the next touchdown. Vince’s team had taken that honor, just as he knew they would. Should he make Paul adhere to the rules he himself had set? Or should he laugh it off as some stupid game and let him off the hook? 
“Hey, no big deal,” he started to say, letting go of himself. His dick pulsated in protest. 
“I was just kiddin’ when I agreed to it. Just wanted to putcha in yer place, is all…” 
“I wasn’t,” Paul said, getting down on his knees on the floor. Vince watched as the handsome boy crawled over, shuffling off his pants from his ankles and then pulling off Vince’s the rest of the way. His heart began to hammer and his breath caught in his throat. Was this really happening? 
“A deal is a deal,” Paul said adamantly, fitting himself nicely between Vince’s spread legs. His balls clenched reactively as Paul grazed them with his chest hair. He looked up into Vince’s dark eyes and said: “I always settle my bets.” 
“Paul – wait,” Vince protested just as his friend began to tease his frenulum with his fingertip. ... 

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